Driver Severely Injured By Ice Flying Off Truck

Posted January 7, 2009 By CBS Broadcasting   ice through windshield   AURORA, Ill. (CBS) ― We know winter weather has its hazards. But there’s one hazard that most might not even think about. CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports one Aurora man had no choice.   One look at Pete Morano’s windshield and you’d think he’d been in a terrible accident. One look at Pete Morano and you’d know he was in an accident.   “The bones in my nose are broken,” said Morano. “So were the orbital bones, I think they’re called, underneath the eye, those were all shattered, and there’s also a break in the corner here.”   The left side of Morano’s face is purple. His eye is stitched and swollen shut. He may never see out of it again.   So what did all that damage to his face? An ice chunk that seemed to come out of nowhere likely fell off a passing semi.   “It was pure white out,” Morano said.   Morano was driving his Cadillac eastbound on Butterfield Road Monday between Eola and Route 59 when he believes the ice was jarred loose under a viaduct. It them came flying through his windshield.   The impact was so great that it didn’t only shatter the windshield, it also bent the steering wheel.   Morano’s wife, Debbie, says she knows how lucky they are. But they say the freak accident has also made them painfully aware that there are no laws requiring drivers to clear snow or ice from the tops of their trucks or cars.   They want their story to be a wake-up call.   “There needs to be more awareness,” said Debbie Morano.   Pete Morano would like some sort of law to be passed.   “The bottom line is it’s not being taken seriously,” he said.   The driver of the truck didn’t stop, but Morano acknowledges he may not have realized what happened.   Morano says he’ll probably have to have more surgery, but he is just thankful to be alive.

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