pelvic meshPelvic mesh implants have been designed to treat a variety of internal problems. Mesh implants can be used to deter incontinence as well as abdominal issues and weakened pelvic muscles. In females mesh can be used to correct vaginal prolapse most frequently due to child birth.


While much of the abdominal functionality of the mesh has proven stable, many cases of injury and death are being brought to court in regards to the products main usage surrounding the pelvis.


If you’ve been injured by Pelvic mesh implant, read on for more information on the cases being brought against manufacturers and what your legal rights may be.

Johnson & Johnson Mesh Lawsuits

The major brand coming under fire is Johnson & Johnson. This pharmaceutical giant is the parent company of Ethicon, the branch responsible for many modern mesh developments. Ethicon originally released Gynecare Gynemesh, which sold without serious complication. However, they then pushed to release the Gynecare Prolift, Prolift+ M, TVT Secur and Prosima, all of which have encountered health problems since release.


Ethicon has stated that the approval of Gynemesh allowed them to push the newer products forward without explicit approval, but governing bodies like the FDA have disagreed



How Have People Been Injured?

Most injury cases have come via women who have used the surgical mesh in the pelvic region. The mesh material has been known to shrink and degrade, causing pain and damage to internal organs.


If enough of the support degrades the organs can prolapse, or sag into the mesh, causing serious complications.


Some of the more common side effects of mesh problems include general discomfort, painful sexual intercourse, urinary problems, and bleeding.

What Legal Action Is Being Taken Against J&J?

The Ethicon unit of J&J has suggested via press releases that they are ending marketing and selling of the new pelvic mesh products. According to their public relations specialists the market profitability of the products is not adequate, which is causing the removal from market. However, light scrutiny reveals a deeper connection to increasing legal cases and injuries.


According to

“Hundreds of women say the meshes, threaded into place through incisions in the vagina, have eroded and shrank over time, causing pain and injuries. Patients have filed suits against J&J, C.R. Bard Inc. (BCR) of Murray Hill, New Jersey; and Endo Health Solutions Inc. of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, along with other manufacturers.


‘We are happy to see that Ethicon finally decided to do the right thing and stop selling these products,’ Bryan Aylstock, a Pensacola, Florida-based lawyer for mesh patients who are suing J&J, said in a telephone interview.


Ethicon is discontinuing sales of the products worldwide, Matthew Johnson, a company spokesman, said in an e-mail. It’s not recalling meshes already sold or implanted and its decision isn’t based on any safety concerns, he said.”

What Are Your Legal Rights?

If you or a loved one has been injured, you may be entitled to legal compensation. Actionable cases are being organized now and connecting you to the proper attorney in your area is our primary concern.


We have spent decades developing a network of top attorneys all across the country. We do not sell cases or take them for ourselves. Our role is to assess your situation and match you with the lawyer that can get you the best results. Call us toll free at 1-800-603-6833 or utilize our free consultation form.

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