I’m Bill Hayes, founder of The Hayes Firm. The purpose of this web site is to assist you in finding the best lawyer for you and your case. In many instances, I may not be that lawyer. Representing accident victims since the 1970’s, I’ve learned a few things over the years and I don’t mind sharing them with you.


Please remember that:

No two clients are exactly alike.

No two injuries are exactly alike.


Your circle of friends and co-workers probably know many attorneys. If your case is really good, many of the attorneys you contact will say that they’re the best for you. How do you know if you’re really getting the best lawyer for you? Does he or she possess the right skills to get you properly compensated for your injury? Do you have the right contacts to assist you in finding the best lawyer for you? I’ve represented hundreds of accident victims over the last 30 years. I’ve also referred hundreds of injured individuals to other law firms. Why? Simply put, Special cases need special attorneys. Would you consider having your family doctor perform brain surgery? I repeat, “I may not be the best for your case”, but I will help you find the lawyer who is.


How We Work


I know how to find the BEST lawyers in all 50 states and Canada and will get you in contact with one. I will evaluate your claim for FREE and assist you in finding a reputable, experienced high-powered attorney near where you live who is tailor fit to your needs. Not long ago I had a client injured by the negligence of a major automobile manufacturer. It was a seat belt case and I referred my client to the most successful firm I knew in prosecuting seat belt claims. The trial resulted in a verdict well in excess of FIVE MILLION DOLLARS and we collected every penny of it for my client.


Everyone wins except the insurance companies. They always have the best attorneys on their side. For over 25 years I’ve been a member of a nationwide trial lawyers group dedicated to fighting for accident victims and their families. The best lawyers in America actively participate in trial lawyers associations and share their knowledge and expertise with other members. A good lawyer is not hard to find if you know where to look.


But don’t be fooled by flashy advertising. As a rule, the best lawyers don’t advertise very much. They get most of their clients by referrals from other attorneys. The best trial lawyers know that the only way to settle a case for top dollar is to be fully prepared to take it to trial and win. Winning at trial is never an accident. It takes tremendous skill, practice and preparation. I’ve noted over the years that the firms who advertise the most, generally have the least to offer. You need someone who can get you the best award possible and finding that someone is my goal. I will assist you in getting compensated for any serious injury.

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