Many Americans obtain burn or fire related injuries due to negligence. The Hayes Firm represents clients who have sustained burns and/or scarring from the following causes: Lighters/Matches, Fireplaces, Gas and Electrical Accidents, Automobile Accidents, Hot Water Burns, Electrical Accidents, Industrial Accidents, and Building Fires.

It’s important to analyze the different kinds of burns and how you might have sustained damage. Let’s break it down into common categories.

Hot Liquid Burns

These burns can be sneaky and show up when you least expect them. Here are some common instances that you may not have considered:

  • Hot Coffee/Beverage. The workplace can be a bustling hub of activity, and stranger things have happened than one person bumping into another. Unfortunately sometimes these accidents entail a pipping hot beverage getting spilt onto a co-worker. If the beverage is hot enough, serious injury can occur.
  • Kitchen or Shower Area. Many workplaces have kitchen areas and some even have shower facilities. Careless coworkers can be the cause of water being left on at unreasonably hot temperatures. Accidental burning can be the result.
  • Leaking radiator/industrial fluid. Sometimes pipes can burst in the office-place and extremely hot liquid can come pouring out. This has been known to happen with water heaters as well.
  • Faulty steam vent. Although not technically a liquid burn, faulty steam vents can cause burn accidents.
  • Working with hot liquid. Some individuals interact with hot liquids as part of their job (examples include hot glue, wax, solvents, etc).

Electrical Burns

Electrical burn scenarios can seem preventable in hindsight, but often occur quickly and surprisingly. Here are some scenarios to look out for.

  • Old Household Appliances. The electrical cords on many old appliances start to wear down and become exposed. Although this likely wont result in a debilitating burn, it could still definitely injure a person.
  • Unfinished Circuit boxes and power sockets. Watch out for socket areas that need to be covered and finished. It is likely they have juice running to them and could result in a bad shock.
  • On-The-Job power tools, construction sites, etc. Even minor construction opens up the possibility for exposed wires, miscommunications, and other jobsite mishaps.
  • Natural Causes. It’s unlikely, but certainly lightning or other natural electric discharges could result in serious injury.
  • Live Power Wires. When powerlines go down, especially alongside roadsides, people are at serious risk. This risk is compounded if there is a water element present.

Fire Burns

Sometimes employees are put into a situation where they must work with fire. If you were given improper advice from a company or superior and were burned as a result, you may have the ability to sue for legal compensation.

Furthermore, if you were working with a product or device that subsequently caused a burn, you might be able to pursue that company.

We Can Help:

Poor maintenance of fire prevention systems and negligence are the major contributors to fire related injuries. Burn victims can suffer life-threatening injuries, pain, and permanent scarring. If you or a loved one has been involved in a fire-related or burn accident, please feel free to contact us online or call 1-800-603-6833. All consultations are free of charge and will be answered as soon as possible.

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