Accident injures four school age children

Posted January 5, 2009 By The Daily Reporter   horse and buggy   Bethel Township, Mich. –   The Branch County Sheriff’s Office responded to a vehicle buggy crash Tuesday afternoon on Block Rd., north of Pearl Rd. in Bethel Township. The driver of the vehicle called central dispatch at approximately 3:30 p.m. to tell them several people were injured in the crash.   Deputies arrived on scene and found a pick up truck had struck a buggy from the rear and the vehicles were still in the roadway.   The buggy was occupied by seven school aged children ranging in age from 8 to 14. Four of the seven were injured. None of the injuries were life threatening.   All occupants were transported to the Community Health Center of Branch County, where they were treated.   The driver of the truck was Brian Wolf, 53, of E. Pearl Rd. He was not injured and was issued a citation for failing to stop in a sure clear distance. Wolf was wearing his safety belt and alcohol was not a factor in the crash.   Deputies were assisted on the scene by LifeCare Ambulance and Bronson Fire Department. Block Rd. was closed to traffic for nearly two hours while the crash was cleared.

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