This is a major advisory regarding the anti smoking drug Chantix. Chantix could pose a serious danger to your health and life. Everybody on the planet has heard the evidence that smoking causes long-term life-threatening health problems of every shape and variety. Capitalizing on these all too real health fears with which smokers constantly live, drug companies competitively race to market with all sorts of silver bullet solutions to help smokers quit.


What You Need To Know About Chantix

Regrettably these cures, often have side effects that are more dangerous than smoking itself. In November 2007, the FDA issued an Early Communication to tell the public and health care providers that the agency was evaluating adverse event reports on Chantix. These reports related changes in behavior, agitation, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts, as well as attempted and completed suicides. Chantix use has been linked to anxiety, insomnia, depression and thoughts leading to suicide in individuals that had no prior mental problems.


Some other common side effects of the drug include Nausea, sleep problems, constipation, gas, and vomitting.


If you are currently taking Chantix and are having any of these symtoms, get medical and or psychiatric help immediately. If this message is too late and I am speaking to the loved ones of a Chantix victim, together we can send a message to drug companies that they need to be more careful.


Open Communication

If you believe you are suffering from the adverse effects of Chantix, there are two people you need to have open communication with: your doctor and a lawyer.


A doctor can make sure that you are not doing anything improper on your end (something that would compromise any legal case). Contact with a great lawyer can make sure you get the preperation and thus compensation you deserve.


Quitting smoking is an admirable cause, and it’s understandable why some folks might have tried Chantix. However side effects as serious as this simply are not worth the risk, and individuals who have already experienced complications should pursue their legal rights as best as possible.


We Can Help:

I have the knowledge and contacts to help you find top rated attorneys who have dedicated their careers to getting justice for families like yours. Reach out and I will help you find the best attorney for you today. Your story must be told and justice will be had. Fill out our free lawyer consultation form or call 1-800-603-6833 immediately.

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