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One of the most powerful learning tools on the internet is video.  As technology has improved, so has the ease-of-creation and distribution channels for video. People love to be able to sit down, relax, and absorb information regarding their specific topic of interest. And, if they get busy, they can simply pause it and come back later.   Knowing this, Bill Hayes and has developed an extensive series of free legal videos to help you learn about a variety of legal topics.   Here is an example that covers the basics of what you can do in a dog bite situation:   This video and many others can be browsed through by topic. In addition, you can choose a specific state and learn about their rules and regulations (knowledge of state law is a highly underrated method of day-to-day legal preparation).   The hope here is that you can better prepare yourself to deal with some of the most common legal incidences that people encounter, but also that you’ll be able to find information very specific to your needs. Should you need a legal consultation or advice regarding your specific incident, The Hayes Firm is prepared to offer that as well. Our entire website is designed around meeting as many of your needs as possible, so hopefully we can accomplish just that!  

Check out our free legal videos now!

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