Consider for a moment the sheer amount of time you spend at work. It’s easily the biggest part of your day, every day. Some people even find themselves working more than sleeping. Is it any wonder that so many injuries occur in the workplace?


Some jobs are clearly dangerous – construction, police work, manufacturing, etc. But that doesn’t mean injury can’t occur in more white collar locations too. For example, lifting too many boxes of files can result in lower back strain.


The following are a few Work Related Injuries that you can learn more about:

  1. Asbestos
  2. Construction Site Accidents
  3. Farm Equipment Accidents
  4. Silicosis
  5. Worker’s Compensation Law and Claims


Employers need to be aware of potential for injury and plan accordingly. It is their job to make the workplace as safe as possible and listen to the needs of employees. If someone is hurt, it is their responsibility to help in the recovery.


If you’ve been injured and believe your employer is not taking the right actions to assist you, you may be entitled to legal compensation. Find out as much about your injury as you can, and then reach out to us using our free consultation service.



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