Asbestos worker injuryAsbestos related illnesses have affected many Americans due to negligence in the workplace. There are over a million workers today that are exposed to asbestos in their current place of work. There are many types of asbestos related diseases, most of which do not have cures. An example of which is Asbestosis, an illness which causes scarring of the lung tissue. Another is Mesothelioma which is an extremely fatal cancer found in lung and heart tissues.


About Asbestosis:

Asbestosis is a non cancerous ailment that effects the lungs. The key to proper lung function is elasticity and the ability to convert gases into a usable form for the body. When asbestos fibers are inhaled at too large a capacity, those fibers damage the lower lobes of the lungs, causing damage to both elasticity and capacity.


It is also important to note that asbestosis is degenerative, and can take a long period of time to show up. Asbestos injuries are known for taking years (even decades) to begin to take serious negative turns. Getting checked and treated as soon as possible is key to preventing this cascading effect.


About Mesothelioma:

The other frequently encountered injury from asbestos is Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is an extremely serious disorder that, unlike asbestosis, is cancerous in nature. Mesothelioma occurs when asbestos fibers cause a cancerous degeneration of mesothelium, or lining of organ walls.


Mesothelioma is also known to compromise the lining of the lungs and abdominal cavity. In addition Mesothelioma has been linked to kidney, colon, lung, larynx, and pancreatic cancer. If patients are diagnosed in late stages of Mesothelioma their prognosis is generally poor (1 year to live).


Are You Or A Loved One A Victim of Asbestos Related Illness?

Overall asbestos related symptoms include: shortness of breath, lung infection/damage, increased risk to lung cancer, and death. Asbestos settlements have to be filed in a timely manner and are often filed through the defendant’s insurance company. Symptoms often do not appear for months or even years after exposure. Qualified asbestos attorneys can assist in obtaining the maximum damages for their client. Please use our free lawyer consultation service or call 1-800-603-6833 if you or a loved one have been affected by an asbestos-related injury. All consultations are free of charge and will be answered as soon as possible.

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