Update on Fungal Meningitis Outbreak (Video)

Over 400 cases of fungal meningitis have been linked to the recent outbreak due to tainted steroid injections. The outbreak has resulted in at least 30 deaths throughout more than 15 states. Cases and effects are still being reported so those numbers will inevitably rise.   The Hayes Firm has created a video in order to assist potential victims of the steroids developed by the New England Compounding Center. This video aims to inform users of the potential risk of the injection and what symptoms they may experience leading up to full infection.   The overall goal of this video is to educate victims and connect them to the proper attorney in their area. When dealing with large pharmaceutical companies an average phone book attorney is simply not equipped to get proper results. It can be difficult for sick individuals and worried family members to find the correct assistance in the proper time frame (accounting for statute of limitations).   Please share this video with anyone whom you think might be at risk: _

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