Unsafe or Defective Vehicle Accident Information

            Many times, when an automobile accident occurs, the cause is determined to be human error.  Perhaps the driver fell asleep at the wheel or just didn’t notice that car coming into the intersection or was talking on a cellular phone and was distracted.  These accident causes are far too common.

            However, auto accidents don’t always occur because of the fault of the driver.   Often a defect in the vehicle itself can cause the accident or turn a survivable accident into a fatality. 

            Unless you never watch television or pick up a newspaper, you have probably heard stories about:

·        Airbags which fail to deploy, deploy with too much force or deploy without the occurrence of accident;

·        Seatbelt buckle failure or seatbelts unlatching;

·        Fuel system components which leak due to crash damage causing a fire or explosion;

·        Steering components which break causing a loss of control of the vehicle;

·        Tires which blow out causing loss of control of the vehicle; or

·        S.U.V.’s which tend to rollover after being involved in an accident.

Auto manufacturers recall millions of vehicles every year for problems such as

these.  Unfortunately, far too many deaths occur prior to these recalls or because the people occupying these vehicles weren’t aware of the recalls.

            If you, or a family member, were involved in an accident due to a defect in parts or design, would you know what to do?  Did you know that it is imperative to have an expert do a thorough inspection of the vehicle before the insurance companies destroy it?  If you said “no”, don’t feel bad.  Most people don’t realize that when their vehicle is totaled and sent into the “crusher”, precious evidence is being destroyed. 

            You need an advocate who specializes in auto accidents and defective vehicles, someone who will fight for you to obtain the compensation to which you are entitled. 

            Our firm has been representing the victims of automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents for over 25 years.  I invite you to visit our website if you, or someone you know has been injured by a defective vehicle..  You can fill out an online consultation form or engage in an online chat.  The website is www.dreamlegalteam.com.  Don’t wait. 

            Good, bad or ugly, tell us what you think of this blog! 

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