Construction Site Accident Information

             On May 30, 2008, a crane collapsed at a construction site in New York City killing a construction worker and the crane operator.  A third worker was also injured as was a person on the ground.  This was the second crane accident in three months in New York City.

            When a construction accident occurs, one generally thinks of the workers on the project as being at risk.  However, innocent bystanders can be injured as can the residents of nearby buildings.  And damage to the surrounding buildings can leave residents homeless.

            Investigations into these types of accidents can take a great deal of time and there is usually a lot of finger pointing going on.  But it is important to ascertain the causes of these accidents to prevent future catastrophes.

            It is also important for the victims, or their families, to obtain the information necessary to make certain that they receive the best medical care and fair compensation for their injuries.

            At a time like this, you need to speak to an attorney who specializes in construction accidents and is familiar with the procedures involved.  Are you a worker or a bystander?  Is this a job being performed by a private company or a municipality?  Believe me, these things matter.

            So, if you, or someone you know, has been hurt in a construction accident, I invite you to visit my website at  You can fill out an online consultation form or engage in an online chat.   Don’t wait. 

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