Twin Girls Drown in Backyard Pool

Reports coming out of Massachusetts reveal a tragic story. Two young girls, age 4, drown in a backyard pool in the town of Brockton. Although the details are still surfacing, it is believed that the girls were unattended and found their way into the neglected pool where they were unable to escape. When emergency services arrived on the scene, the girls were not conscious or breathing. Fox News conducted a follow up report: Sisters Leslie and Lindsay Bonsu were two of the three children in the household of Gyabaa and Prudentia Bonsu, Ghanian immigrants. It is believed that there may be previous grievances filed against the two parents for neglect in the past, although that paperwork has yet to be revealed. From a legal standpoint, it is critical to remember the liabilities of a backyard pool. In this case, the tragedy occurred with the families own children. It could have just as easily happened with a neighbor’s child. There are state-to-state laws requiring different levels of protection against these accidents, including requiring gated fences. Be sure to know the laws in your area.

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