SEPTA Bus hits Police Cruiser, Injures 8

Normally the police have to arrive after the scene of an accident, but last week one police cruiser became a part of it. As reported by MSNBC: Septa Bus“A SEPTA bus and a Philadelphia police cruiser collided at about 1:30 p.m. in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia Tuesday. The accident left eight people with minor injuries including the officer who suffered a neck injury, authorities said. The accident happened while the Route 56 bus was traveling eastbound on Erie Avenue and collided with a police car at Old York Road. There were five medics at the scene of the accident. There were some detours in the area of the crash.” One can only imagine the dismay of the bus driver after he/she realized that not only did were they involved in a crash, but it was with an actual police officer. Luckily, as of current reporting, there were no fatalities as a result and all parties are being properly treated for their injuries. The bus system offers an interesting and perhaps concerning mix of accountability and pressure to maintain a schedule. We don’t know if this particular driver was behind schedule or particularly motivated to make up time, but that is a very tangible reality for these drivers. In case you’ve been injured in New Jersey, please consult our bus accident pages. This Bergen County Bus Accident page is just one example, we provide service for the entire Pennsylvania and New Jersey area.

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