Transit Bus Worker’s Compensation

Transit buses are increasing in popularity and have become a mainstay of commuter transportation. More and more individuals have been hired to drive, clean, maintain, and manage the transit bus system.   Transit workers have to navigate a wide arrange of hazards in their day-to-day work. Depending on their particular role, they have to balance their duties with the ever changing environment caused by passenger use.   transit bus

What Kind of Injury Can Happen on a Transit Bus?

The kinds of injuries that can occur are diverse. Here are some that we have seen in the past as workers have approached us to assist in their time of need:

  • Driver Fatigue and Accident
  • Verbal and Physical Abuse from Passenger
  • Slip and Fall during Bus Cleaning
  • Injury During Bus Maintenance
  • Accident due to Lack of Managerial Oversight
  • Accident due to Equipment Malfunction
  • Many More

We’ve noticed that many situations are unique, but stem from some of the major concerns as listed above.

What Are My Compensation Rights?

Your legal rights depend on the details of your injury and the time of accident. Different states and cities have varying laws regarding statute of limitations, which means the amount of time you have to pursue legal recourse. It’s important for you to know when the incident happened so that a legal service can determine if you are still within the boundaries of the statute.   You’ll also want to pay careful attention to who was at fault during your incident. If the matter was due to your own neglect you might not have a case.

Is There Precedent for Worker’s Compensation Cases against Transit Buses?

Yes, there have been successful worker’s compensation cases. Some areas, such as New Jersey, Miami, Milwaukee, etc., have well established transit systems that are already integrated into the legal process. Some other areas are just developing. Nevertheless, it is not outside the bounds of legality to ask a lawyer if you have a case.transit bus interior

What Should I Do If I Think I Have a Case?

The next step for you is completely free and quite simple. The Hayes Firm is a service that analyzes potential worker compensation cases, and if found legitimate and inside the statute of limitations, will match you up with the best attorney in your area for the case. As a specific consultation service, The Hayes Firm can be relied upon for honest evaluation and connection to top attorneys.   Use our free online consultation form located here or to the right of your page.

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