Multaq Injury Claims

The Hayes Network is proud to unveil a new website designed to assist victims of the drug Multaq. The website, Multaq Injury Claims, is a straight forward and informative resource that can educate and assist individuals who have taken the drug and have experienced significant side effects.   Multaq and generic Dronedarone has been developed in order to assist patients with atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter. Unfortunately, the testing proved to be skewed and willfully downplayed by the parent company Sanofi Aventis. Now, more and more reports of severe liver and heart damage are being reported as a result of the drug’s use.   The new Multaq website can be used to research the following:

  • Information on side effects
  • Common questions regarding the drug
  • Up to date news on Multaq developments
  • Connection to lawyers representing Multaq victims

and much more!   If you our a loved one have been effected by Multaq, it is important that you visit the site today and learn more about Multaq side effects and lawsuits.

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