Toyota issues another recall for failing brakes and leaking brake tubes

prius The dent in Toyota’s reputation deepened Tuesday when the reeling auto giant announced two more recalls to eliminate the possibility of momentarily failing brakes in hybrids and leaking brake tubes in another model.   Toyota said the company would conduct a voluntary safety recall on the 2010 flagship hybrid, the Prius, and the Lexus HS 250h sedan to “update” software in the anti-lock brake system so it would get rid of inconsistent brake feel that has alarmed some drivers.   Toyota also disclosed that it would launch a recall on some 2010 Camry models to inspect conditions that could trigger a brake fluid leak and increase stopping distances for motorists.   The company will send notices to the 3,582 owners of Prius and HS250h hybrids and 393 drivers of the early-production, four-cylinder Camry models for the free repairs and inspections.   Although the latest recalls don’t involve a high number of cars, they mark the third and fourth time that Toyota has sent notices for repairs in less than three months.   The recalls now total 8.1 million vehicles internationally.   If you or someone you know was a victim throughout these recalls either through the negligence or mistakes of the Toyota company, it is important you find the right legal representation.   It won’t due to simply approach a local personal injury lawyer who has no experience in lawsuits of this magnitude. Allow the Hayes Firm to connect you with the real movements that can hold Toyota responsible.  Contact us now for your free consultation.   For more information regarding the recent recalls visit our website.

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