Toyota Fatal Accident Complaints Rising

Reported by Newsroom Solutions February 15, 2010   toyota rolled Toyota is suffering yet another potentially costly blow related to the vehicles it makes.   Federal agencies are seeing a sudden spike in the number of fatal accident complaints linked to Toyota vehicles.   “The Detroit News” cites the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in reporting the total number of alleged deaths since the year 2000 related to claims of unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles has reached 34.   The increase has occurred since the automaker began recalling millions of vehicles.   A congressional committee investigating the Toyota recalls says the 34 alleged deaths are more than all other manufacturers combined when it comes to accidents involving unintended acceleration.   Toyota recalled five-point-four-million vehicles in the U.S. because gas pedals could become trapped by improperly installed floormats.   Another two-point-three-million vehicles have been recalled for potentially balky pedal assemblies.   Toyota has also recalled 437-thousand Prius vehicles and other hybrid models due to braking concerns.   Toyota says it will review the new reports.   Spokeswoman Martha Voss says, quote, “we take all customer reports seriously and will, of course, look into new claims.”

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