Tanning Bed Cancer Lawyers

The Hayes Network is very pleased to announce a new sister site. While dlt.com focuses on helping individuals with all sorts of personal injury concerns, this new site is very topically specific. Check it out – Tanning Bed Cancer Lawyers.   Tanning beds have been in the news lately thanks to the infamous “tanning mom”. However, the reality of tanning risks have been making more and more headlines in the past 5-6 years. The science behind UV radiation is catching up to tanning bed manufacturers and is bringing to light some serious health concerns.   Tanning salons and bed manufacturers have hid behind misinformation for years. They strategically pick and choose which scientific information they present to their clients, ignoring the rest as ‘unsubstantiated’. They often promote the production of Vitamin D that ultraviolet light provides, yet ignore the DNA breakdown that leads to skin cancer.   When it comes to making science stick against big corporations and money making industries, the evidence needs to be strong and in heavy supply. Until recently this wasn’t the case, but now lawyers are making headway against the industry that has caused excessive amounts of skin cancer, eye damage, and autoimmune problems in users.   If you’d like to learn more about the current state of the tanning industry, check out the new website today.

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