Glass Shard Contamination Prompts Cancer Drug Recall

Cancer treatments consist of many complex and delicate chemical injections. These mixtures involve many different individual drugs, all of which need to be handled with exceptional care. Recently an influx of potential glass shard contamination prompted Hospira Inc to issue a voluntary recall on many of it’s injections.   As reported by Reuters:

  July 16 (Reuters) – Hospira Inc said it has issued a nationwide recall of four of its injectable cancer drugs because of particles embedded in the glass at the neck of the vial. The drugs recalled are carboplatin, cytarabine, paclitaxel, methotrexate and were distributed nationwide to wholesalers and direct customers.   The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said there may be potential for the drugs to come into contact with the embedded particles and the particles may become dislodged into the solutions.   Injury could result if the solution were injected into a patient, the FDA said. Signs and symptoms might include bleeding, bruising, inflammation, itching, rash, chest pain and respiratory symptoms.

  It’s believed that the glass complication stems from a manufacturer defect. It’s extremely fortunate that the Food and Drug Administration discovered this issue before the vials were used in a widespread capacity, aggravation the health of at-risk individuals across the country.   As it stands there have been no reported cases of serious injury, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. If you or a loved one have been receiving cancer treatments such as Carboplatin, Cytarabine, Methotrexate, Paclitaxel and have experienced unusual side effects, this recall may be a factor. Inquire to you doctor about the symptoms and the likelihood of you receiving one of the glass contaminated vials.

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