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You come home from work and prop your feet up to watch the evening news.  A story comes on about a young boy who was killed while visiting a friend.  The friend’s father had a gun which wasn’t locked up.  The friend is heartbroken.  He didn’t mean for this to happen.  They were playing and “BANG”, the gun went off.     The young boy fell to the ground!  It was all so quick!

            How many times have you seen similar stories on television?  Too many, I would guess.  A senseless loss all because a gun was left where children could find it.  What do the parents of the young boy do?  They probably didn’t have life insurance on their son.  Everyone knows you don’t need life insurance on children.  They are supposed to grow up, go to college, get married and live a long, healthy life.  But these parents need to pay for a funeral and funerals are not cheap. 

            If you know someone who has lost a relative due to a firearms accident, the biggest favor you can do them is to steer them in the direction of an attorney who can help them through the legal and financial difficulties which come out of this tragic situation.

            If you or someone you know needs help, I urge you to visit our website at  You can fill out an online consultation form or engage in a live webchat.  Don’t wait.  Get the help you need now.

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