Fire Accident Information

            You can’t turn on the evening news without hearing about a horrendous fire.  Often these fires result in the tragic deaths of older couples, young children and firefighters.  Those who receive burns but survive are in for what can only be described as hell on earth.

            It seems like the holidays and winter months are more prone to produce fires, whether they come from electric heaters, kerosene heaters, Christmas lights or other electrical fires.  But all have two things in common, they change the life of the person involved and their loved ones forever and we all think it can’t happen to us.  That is where we are wrong.  Even if we are the most careful individuals in the world, we visit others who may have forgotten to change the batteries on their smoke detectors, if they have them at all.  We trust that our children will be safe when they go to a friend’s house for a sleepover.  You or a family member could be the victim of a fire. 

            It is difficult to think clearly when the unthinkable happens.  Obviously,  our first priority should be taking care of those who have received burns or are suffering from smoke inhalation and to grieve for those who did not make it.  Unfortunately, it is also a time when you must think of medical bills that could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars, or, even worse, funeral bills. 

            That is the time when you need someone to help you who is sympathetic but who also has a cool head and knows what you are up against.  That is the time when you need an attorney who specializes in the catastrophic injuries caused by fires. 

            Our firm has been representing injured victims since 1979.  I have seen the heartbreak that results from a fire and have been privileged to assist families who don’t know where to turn.  You don’t need to go through this alone.  If you or a loved one have been injured by fire, I invite you to visit my website at  Feel free to fill out an online consultation form or engage in a live chat.  Don’t wait.

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