construction worker carrying a pipe
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Construction accident: workers’ comp or third party claim?

In 2018, OSHA reported one of every five fatalities in the private industry was in construction. The top reasons for these 591 construction workers' deaths: the “Fatal Four.” Falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, and caught-in…
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Does COVID-19 Qualify as Workers’ Compensation?

In nearly every news article or social media post, COVID-19 is the topic. Americans are rushing to the unemployment offices with claims surpassing the 1982 record. What if you are not laid off, but instead, are sickened with coronavirus on the…
man on construction site with potential workers comp case
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Workers’ Comp 101

Talk to any Human Resources personnel, and the first thing they will tell you is if you become injured at work, report it immediately. Although a few specific situations will not be covered, most generally, you are. This is regardless if the…
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What is New Jersey’s Secondary Injury Fund?

New Jersey’s Secondary Injury Fund was established to prevent discrimination against the disabled workers. The program is state funded through a surcharge on workers’ compensation insurance policies, and essentially immunizes employers…
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Mold: A Hidden Danger In The Workplace

Of all of the many safety concerns in the workplace, mold is typically not very high on anyone's list. But the more we learn about mold, the more we should be concerned. Toxic mold growing in the workplace can lead to serious health problems.…