Boston Subway Derailment Causes Multiple Injuries

Boston rail passengers got a scare and some injuries Monday, March 10th when a subway car derailed. The Green Line Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority train hopped the tracks at a rail bifurcation and struck a wall, reported For more, view their video coverage: _ _ Making matters worse, a second train following the same tracks had to brake hard in order to avoid hitting the first train. This quick stop caused passengers to lurch forward violently, some receiving injuries as they attempted to regain their balance.   The exact cause of this event is still unknown. The track split where the initial train lost it’s traction is being investigated, although there are no obvious causes reported at this time.   There is an inherent risk with both public and private transporation that we all accept every time we walk out the day. However, we place trust in the overseeing bodies that are in place to keep public transportation as safe as possible. The ensuing investigations will reveal if there were any fundamental problems with the tracks or train itself. Investigators will then be able to tell if this was a preventable accident, born of negligence, or a freak incident that could not have been foreseen. It’s certain passengers will be curious about the findings and will act accordingly depending on where the fault lies. _ boston subway train Image Courtesy of Boston Fire Department _ According to “The MBTA has put shuttle buses in place between Kenmore and Fenway”. This will certainly help those in the habit of using the Subway but this incident will certainly cause delays in travel all across the city. The extent of rail and train quality control has yet to be seen. The number of trains to be shut down, and miles of track to be inspected, may increase if governing bodies feel there is a risk for further derailment.

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