9 Reasons Your Lawyer Needs to Have a Strong Network

legal networkA good lawyer is someone who has a strong network of professional and reliable contacts. Why is this so?   It’s not easy to look for the best lawyer who can guarantee the success of your case. Even when you’re the injured party and you have all the evidence to prove the other party was really at fault, you don’t always have the guarantee of actually winning.   Hiring the right attorney should take a lot of time and consideration not only because they can be very costly, but also because the stakes are high and they will represent your case and all that it stands for. It’s not enough that the attorney is qualified and has years of experience. It’s not enough that he or she is sympathetic to your case. It’s also not guaranteed that he or she has won the case of the person who referred him to you and that you will also have the same fortunate outcome.   If you’re really serious about your case and are determined to win, then your lawyer must have a lot of professional and reliable contacts. This is the most crucial and game changing quality of a lawyer. In fact, this is what separates the “good” from the “outstanding”.  

The reasons why a strong network is crucial:

  1.A lawyer who has an outstanding professional contact list definitely knows the characteristics of specific judges and maintains good [working] relations with them. A given judge could be the one who will try your case and may be the one who will always give full acknowledgment to all of your attorney’s cases. There is a school of thought that understanding the judge is more important than knowing the law.   2.Your lawyer may know individuals with high seats of power who can pull strings to help the proceedings of the case work to maintain the fairest advantage.   3.Your lawyer may also know a very professional and seasoned lawyer who has handled a case very similar to yours and may be able to help cite which court ruling in the past could best help your case now   4.Your lawyer may know a local journalist who happens to be working for a local newspaper – the perfect person who can portray the company at fault publicly, and in the right light.   5.Your lawyer may know a police officer who can offer you protection just in case you’re being harassed. This officer can also conduct investigative services if needed.   6.Your lawyer may know a professional witness necessary to successfully litigate your cause of action.   7.It is important that your attorney be familiar with insurance adjusters and the corporate culture of the various insurance companies to be a successful negotiator as well as an able advocate in determining when negotiations will no longer bear fruit.   8.It is Imperative that your lawyer have extensive knowledge on the car repair cost of any damages resulting from an automobile accident.   9.An outstanding lawyer has to know a lot of people, from all walks of life, with varied professionalism and with varied professional and personal opinions that could add some weight to your case.  

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