What To Do If An Insurance Company Tries To Intimidate You

insurance bullyingThere are hardcore insurance adjusters out there who would prefer not to pay your claim regardless of the severity of your injuries. Most often they ignore your claim or they downplay it by offering a very low compensation using a tone that is meant to intimidate. They will do so without offering any justification. They might also use a “reservation of rights letter”, which would tell you that they will not pay you until they have finished investigating your claim.   If you’ve been a victim of personal injuries for the first time, you will find their actions daunting, which could lead you to accept their initial offer without finding out the real value of the damages you have sustained.  

What You Can Do If Being Intimidated

  1.    Be persistent in asking the adjuster about the fair and reasonable coverage you deserve. Don’t budge. Be persistent like a child asking for a candy. Call them weekly or daily. Tell them you will be patient to wait for them until they’re ready to pay for the fair and reasonable value of the claim. Reaffirm your patience and your persistence. See who folds first.   2.    If you have suffered injuries and you think they may qualify as “severe” and you want your insurance company to properly compensate you, you can get an attorney’s help. It doesn’t mean you need to hire one right away but you should be able to receive some legal advice. A qualified personal injury lawyer will tell you how to address the situation so you won’t end up getting less than what you deserve. They will give you a range of how much you should be paid for your loss. Their range figure will help you ask the insurance company for the specific amount, in case you had no idea how much.   3.    If you’re being bullied or harassed by the insurance company, it would be a very good idea to get a lawyer’s help right away. You can’t call the cops on your insurance company. Only a highly qualified lawyer can match forces with these corporate giants. Adjusters hate lawsuits. Plus, if you hire an attorney, they will finally understand that you’re serious in not folding on the fair and reasonable compensation you’re asking.   4.    If you’re adjuster is just beyond reasoning, talk to his supervisor. It does not guarantee that he or she is more reasonable but it usually makes the adjuster adjust the initial offer.   5.    Bring up the issue of “bad faith” negotiating tactics. If proven this could result in forcing the company to pay huge amount of money. Insurance companies are required to respond to claims request in good faith, meaning they will have to deal with the claimant in a reasonable and fair manner.  They are obligated to do that. If they don’t and you have gathered evidences that they failed to do so, they will be cast in a very bad light.   6.    Although it is most difficult to prove, bad faith negotiations occur during almost every claim. Be aware that you are no exception and don’t be afraid to call out an adjuster on bad behaviour.

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