Three Year Old Killed In Accident At Gaffney Church

By JONATHAN CARLSON Published: May 11, 2011 Updated: May 11, 2011 – 10:40 PM GAFFNEY, SC — A three year old child is dead after a tragic accident at a Gaffney church. Cherokee County Coroner Dennis Fowler says that Alyssa Jade Mayfield, of Gaffney, was airlifted to Spartanburg Regional Hospital Wednesday afternoon where she was pronounced dead a short time later. According to Fowler, Mayfield was in the gymnasium at West End Baptist Church around 3:20 pm when a 4×8 foot section of a wooden stage fell on top of her. Mayfield, who was at the church day care facility, was trying to retrieve a ball and according to Fowler, it appears that the child had bumped the wheel cart where the stage was being stored on and caused it to fall. “The stage section was one of several pieces that were being stored on a wheeled cart that was positioned next to a wall in the gym,” Fowler said. “It appears the child bumped the cart while trying to retrieve a ball, causing the section to topple off the car and onto her.” According to witnesses, firefighters and emergency medical responders and found church members attending to Mayfield and doing CPR. Firefighters continued the attempts to revive the child as she was being loaded into Regional One rescue helicopter. Fowler says that he has ordered an autopsy to assist in the ongoing investigation into the child’s death. “This is a tragic accident and my heart and prayers are with the child’s family and with the church family at West End,” Fowler said. “All are grieving over Alyssa’s loss.” Firefighters and EMS workers who responded to the scene held a grief session at the Gaffney Fire Department Wednesday night. For many of them, dealing with the loss of a young child is extremely tough, especially since they have children themselves. “Firefighters grieve with the family,” said Nathan Ellis, Chief of the Gaffney Fire Department. “First responders will respond.”

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