The Truth About Avandia & How to Get Compensated

Avandia, an oral medication prescribed to treat Type II diabetes, has recently been linked to dangerous side effects, and those who have developed life-threatening side-effects or have lost a loved one due to this drug should contact an Avandia attorney in Los Angeles . Scott, a forum user on the popular site which provides a community of resources for pharmaceutical patients, stated: “I was taking the drug Avandia for about 4 years. I developed a blockage of AOD artery in my heart. The blockage is about 70-90%… My condition is a split of the inner lining in the artery and is not treatable by stents or by pass surgery.” Many users like these have commented on the increase in arterial blockages and other severe side-effects after using Avandia for a significant period of time. A study that came out March 17th reported that those who took the prescription drug Avandia have a considerably raised risk of heart problems and death than patients taking other similar brands of diabetes prescriptions. Another study involving 810,000 consumers of Avandia and other diabetes medications found a “statistically significant increase” in side effects and mortality rates. The mortality toll rose 14% and the risk of heart attack rose 16%. In fact, in July of 2009, the FDA stated that Avandia users had a 40% increase in bone fractures. . The reported serious side effects include: -Heart Attack -Stroke -Congestive Heart Failure -Bone Fractures What to do if you are a victim of Avandia: Avandia (rosiglitazone) is meant to control blood sugar levels but has resulted in severe side effects and deathIt is important to also file as soon as possible because the short statute of limitations may bar your claim from being presented after a short while from the date of the negative reactions from Avandia. A knowledgeable and experienced Los Angeles attorney specializing in Avandia cases will be able to successfully make the claims listed below for your recovery: -Loss of earning capacity -Medical expense, past and future -Mental/emotional anguish -Pain and suffering -Lost wages, past and future If you have taken Avandia and are experiencing significant and serious side effects, contact an Drug Recall Attorney in Los Angeles now.

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