Tanker Crash: MO Hazmat Acid Spill

Posted November 30, 2009 By:  WNCT.com   A tractor-trailer carrying 45-thousand pounds of hydrochloric acid overturned on a Kansas City interstate Monday morning (11/30), snarling traffic and prompting the city to open its Emergency Operations Center.   Clouds of hazardous gas escaped from the trailer and an unknown amount of acid spilled from the tank. The nearby Isle of Capri casino was not evacuated, but those inside were asked to remain inside the building.   Traffic on Interstate 35 was completely blocked on the Paseo Bridge, and was snarled in both directions during the morning rush hour.   Hazmat crews were called in to contain the spill and clean up the area.   Firefighters pulled the driver of the truck from the cab. He was transported to an area hospital, but was alert and responsive. Two police officers were hospitalized for skin and throat irritation.   Kansas City Police and the Missouri Highway Patrol were unsure of how soon the bridge would be reopened.

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