Suing For a Dental Surgery Error

dental surgeryMedical malpractice is a commonly known area of law, but many people don’t realize that dentist’s are also liable. Dental malpractice is in a separate category from other medical lawsuits, but behaves in a similar way.   Dental surgeries are complex procedures, and while they are less invasive than intense physical surgery they can still be hazardous to one’s health. People are often surprised and distraught when something goes wrong with a dental procedure and aren’t sure if they have any legal rights.

Possible Causes for Lawsuits

When trying to determine if your particular situation is suitable for a lawsuit, you should be aware of the legal precedent for such matters. The four most common categories for dental error include patient oversight, patient prep, surgery, and after care.   Patient Oversight – Before diving into surgery a dentist and his/her staff must first fully understand the state of the patient. They must make themselves aware of allergies, prior procedures, heart conditions, etc. If this phase is neglected than it is all too easy for the patient to react negatively during the surgery. These reactions can range from minor annoyances to death.   Patient Prep – For most surgeries a certain amount of preparation is involved. This most frequently occurs in the form of Novocaine, anesthesia, or some other numbing agent. Proper administration of prep work requires care and attention and if it is neglected the patient can suffer as a result.   Surgery – The actual surgery is where patient’s might encounter doctor error oversight. It is the doctor’s responsibility to execute the surgery properly as well as maintain awareness for larger problems, such as oral diseases.   After Care – Medications, check ups, and follow through with a procedure is just as important as the other steps. Should the body react poorly to the procedure the doctor needs to assess these effects as quickly as possible and rectify them.

Are There Specific Dental Lawyers?

Most medical malpractice lawyers have knowledge in a variety of fields, but many tend to gain a reputation and special understanding of just a few specific types of cases. For dental error, it is critical to find a lawyer who understands how the field of dentistry operates and what differences there are in bringing a case against a dentist vs a doctor.   Finding a dental focused attorney is paramount in securing proper legal representation.

How Long After the Procedure Can I Sue?

Like most cases, dental surgery issues are subject to a Statute of Limitations. That means there is only a set amount of time after the surgery that a patient can sue for damages. The number of years after event can vary from state to state, so it is wise to pursue action as quickly as possible.

How Do I Reach Out to an Attorney?

One of the trickiest aspects of the whole legal process is finding the right attorney and reaching out to them with your case. Luckily, this is where we come in. Our entire focus is on assessing injury cases and connecting individuals to the best attorney in their area suited to the job.   Our service is offered free to injury victims, so please feel free to call us or visit our contact form. Let us know what happened to you and we will guide you into the next step.

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