Spinal Injury During Trampoline-to-Pool Stunt

Report coming out of Chattanooga this morning. WRCBTV.com reveals that a young boy was injured while attempting a fairly common stunt via a backyard pool and trampoline. More now: trampoline pool injury“An afternoon at the pool went terribly wrong for a Chattanooga teenager. First responders were called to a home on 1777 Sivley Trail in Walden’s Ridge around 2:15 Sunday. A 16-year-old boy attempted to jump from a trampoline into a swimming pool. He didn’t make it into the pool hitting his head on the ground, and suffered a spinal injury. The boy was conscious and alert but complaining of being paralyzed from the neck down. The teen was flown to Erlanger by Lifeforce. Hamilton County EMS also responded. No word on his condition.” The summer may be on the tail end, but be certain not to let down your vigilance for the safety of your loved ones and anyone on your property.

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