Propecia Lawsuits Increase Due to Sex Drive and Impotency Issues

Propecia was thought to be a revolutionary treatment for male baldness. In fact the drug did help many people prevent the increase of baldness and even grow hair back.   Unfortunately more and more studies are proving that the drug could have serious sexual side effects, not just while being taken but afterward as well.

Propecia Studies Indicate Lasting Side Effects

University and regulatory studies have elicited some telling results in recent months. Consider this report by George Washington University:

 “Researchers from George Washington University interviewed 54 men under age 40 who reported side effects for three months or more after taking Propecia, also called finasteride, to treat their hair loss. None of the men reported having any sexual, medical or psychiatric problems before they took the drug. Some of the men took the drug for a few weeks, others took it for years, but all of them reported side effects such as erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual drive, problems with orgasms, shrinking and painful genitals, even some neurological problems, such as depression, anxiety and mental fogginess. For 96 percent of the men, the sexual problems lasted for more than a year after they stopped taking the drug.” –

While this study alone is hardly comprehensive enough to warrant legal cases, it is being supported by hundreds of independent reports from news stories and medical professionals:

“In 2008, after Sweden and the United Kingdon required the manufacturer to place a warning about irreversible sexual side effects on the label, the company did not include this information on U.S. labels.   Despite evidence that the side effects of Propecia can last well after cessation of use, not one of Merck’s nine Propecia label changes mentions persistent or permanent sexual dysfunction.” –

These reports have taken a serious toll on the actual sales of Propecia:

“For the quarter ended March 31, 2012, Merck reported “approximately 80 lawsuits involving a total of approximately 175 plaintiffs.” And for the quarter ended June 31, 2012, the total number of lawsuits escalated to 200, while total plaintiffs jumped to 325.   That’s a 150-percent rise in the number of lawsuits, and an 86-percent rise in plaintiffs.” –

In addition, Canada has taken a strong stance on the potential cancerous effects of the drug:

“Health Canada is informing health professionals and the public that the prescription drugs finasteride and dutasteride may be associated with an increased risk of developing a serious form of prostate cancer known as high-grade prostate cancer. High-grade prostate cancer is an aggressive type of prostate cancer that grows and spreads more quickly than low-grade prostate cancer. This type of cancer is rare, and the increased risk seen with finasteride and dutasteride drugs is still considered very small.” -

Propecia Side Effects

While we’ve examined some of the results of lasting side effects, it would also be prudent to list the most common effects experienced by patients. They are as follows:

  • Impotence
  • Abnormal ejaculation
  • Decreased ejaculatory volume
  • Abnormal sexual function
  • Gynecomastia
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Ejaculation disorder
  • Testicular pain

Lawsuit Movement Against Propecia

Studies are still in the early phases, but growing evidence against Propecia has motivated some top law firms to take up the case against parent company Merck. The long term injuries, both physical and mental, of Propecia have seriously effected the life quality of many patients. The financial compensation of the class action lawsuits being brought against Merck should reflect that amount of damage.

What to do If You’ve Been Injured

If you’ve experienced significant and lasting side effects from Propecia you may be entitled to financial compensation as class action lawsuits develop. It’s important to realize that an average attorney will not be able to take on a giant pharmaceutical power like Merck. You will need connection to the best firms handling this particular issue.   Reach out to us using our free consultation form or call at 1-800-603-6833. We will assess your needs and get you connected to the appropriate firm at no charge to you.

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