Nursing Homes – What You Should Know!

Last week, the Genesee County Nursing Home in New York received the highest possible rating of all skilled nursing facilities in the United States from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The criteria used to determine the ratings was based on performance in health inspections, nurse staffing, and quality of medical care.

All of the skilled nursing facilities in New York were evaluated in 2010. This may be comforting for the family members of patients at the Genesee County Nursing Home.

Unfortunately, not all of the skilled nursing facilities which were inspected faired as well. Some of the violations reported at other facilities included:

  • No written or implementation of policies that forbid mistreatment, neglect or abuse of patients, or theft of their property.
  • Failure to provide enough care and services for the best possible quality of life. Also, a lack of proper treatment to prevent or heal bed sores and not having a program in place to prevent the spread of infections.
  • Failure to provide services that meet professional standards.

Patients with reduced ranges of motion were not given exercises to increase their range. Some facilities did not ensure the building was free of dangers that could cause accidents and did not post information on staffing of nurses.

One of the most difficult decisions we will ever have to make in our lifetime is how to care for our parents or spouses when they lose the ability to take care of themselves. Often, there is no alternative but to place these loved ones in a nursing home.

As we have seen, most nursing facilities have the best interests of the elderly at heart and some care only about the almighty dollar. When you have finally made that decision, the one thing you want to know is that your loved one is receiving the care and attention they need and deserve.

It is important to pay attention when you visit your loved one at the nursing facility. Look for bedsores, cuts or bruises.

Is your family member losing weight?

Do personal items seem to disappear from their rooms?

Has your loved one sustained severe injuries in a fall?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may need to consult with an attorney experienced in nursing home abuse and neglect cases.

Over the past few years, some real horror stories about nursing homes have been featured on the evening news such as patients falling on their way to the bathroom after their requests for help were ignored, patients being dropped or not being kept clean.

Even worse are cases where the elderly and disabled were physically and/or psychologically abused by staff members.

Fortunately, there is a place to turn for help. If you have a relative that you feel is being neglected for abused, I invite you to fill out an online consultation form here on my website. If you would prefer, feel free to call my toll free number at 1-800-603-6833.

It is quick and easy and the consultation is free. I have been practicing law for over thirty years and, during that time, I have had the honor of working with some of the finest attorneys in the country. I will make sure that you are put in touch with a top notch attorney in your area who specializes in nursing home cases. I would consider it a privilege to assist you.

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