New Year’s Checklist, smoke detectors…Check, Statute of Limitations ?

Just about everyone knows that the New Year is a great time to change their smoke detector batteries. If you haven’t yet done so please do it immediately as smoke detector save countless lives every year. If you have a pending personal injury claim that has yet to be properly filed, please check the statute of limitations in the appropriate jurisdiction for the type of action you are bringing.   All lawsuits must be started within a strict pre- determined  time period. It would be nice to tell you that checking your statute and filing your claim was as the simple as deciding if you need a 9 Volt or AA battery. Regrettably it’s much more complicated than that. Some actions in some jurisdictions have to be filed within days. Yet in those same states some actions don’t have the file until years after the occurrence that caused the potential claim.   I have a very simple rule of thumb. If you have a legitimate claim File Suit As Soon As You Can!  Never ever wait thinking that the nearer you are to the statute of limitations the more likely your claim is going to settle out-of-court without the necessity of filing suit. It just doesn’t work that way and the risk is too great that you will miss the filing deadline imposed by the statute and you will have no claim, no compensation and no justice for your loss whatsoever. So how can you tell what specific statute of limitations applies to your potential claim? You could try to look it up online but I certainly wouldn’t trust or recommend that approach. Realistically the best way to protect yourself from missing a statute is to consult with a trial attorney who deals with these issues regularly and has the expertise to guide you correctly.   If you need an intro I’d be glad to assist. Bill Hayes  

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