New Info Regarding Louisiana Oil Spill Lawsuits

We at The Hayes Firm have recently developed a new website which you may find interesting and helpful.  

As you no doubt have heard, BP and their network of fellow companies are responsible for one of the biggest oils spills in history. The amount of sludge spilling into the Gulf of Mexico far outweighs even the Exxon Valdez incident in 1989. As the companies responsible continue to try and avoid culpability, the truth about the incident is both obvious and obfuscated.   Among the companies involved, BP will ultimately take te most blame and responsibility for the incident.   If you are interested in learning more about the details of the spill and how it will be dramatically effecting the residents of Louisiana, please check out the new website entitled Louisiana Oil Spill Lawsuits. Covered in the content on that site are details and facts about the spill and which residents may be at the most risk.   If you happen to be one of those residents, do not hesitate to contact us either here at this blog or over at the Louisiana website. We are here to help connect you to the best attorneys working on the BP case.

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