Murieta Man Dies After Attack by Family Pit Bull

December 9, 2010 | 8:27 am A Riverside County man has died at the hands of the family pit bull — two months after the attack. The county coroner determined that Edward Mitchell, 67, of Murrieta, succumbed Sunday from “complications of his injuries after being attacked” by the family’s pit bull, according to the coroner’s report. The Oct. 14 attack occurred at the home where the man lived with his nephew, the Riverside Press-Enterprise reported. According to the newspaper, Mitchell dropped something in the backyard and then struggled over the object with the dog, which became aggressive. The dog, which was later euthanized, struck at Mitchell’s neck, arm and groin. An animal control supervisor said the dog had been handled roughly in the past. Mitchell was reportedly admitted to a convalescent home for follow-up care before returning home, where he died. Murrieta also was the location of a widely reported attack by a pit bull and a pit bull mix in April. In that incident, the dogs attacked a 6-month-old boy in a car carrier, severing his testicles, while the boy’s mother was in another room.

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