Medtronic Defibrillator Information

             On February 20, 2008, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling in favor of Medtronic, Inc. which would substantially limit the legal options available to patients who have been injured by defective medical devices.  The Court ruled that, if federal legislators (such as the F.D.A.) approve a device, suit cannot be filed under State Laws. 

In this case, the catheter of the Medtronic defibrillator which had been implanted in the plaintiff, Charles Riegel, ruptured in his coronary artery.  Suit was brought alleging that the device was designed, labeled and manufactured  in a manner that violated the common law of New York. 

Now, more than ever, if you have a Medtronic defibrillator, you need to speak to an attorney who specializes in Medtronic cases.  Medtronic has issued recalls for units with defective leads.  Is yours one of the units that has been recalled?    If you are lucky, you need to go through a second surgery to implant a defibrillator which isn’t faulty.  If you’re not lucky, you could die.

            Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more claims for defective leads in defibrillators.  If you, or someone you know, have  a defibrillator, you need to find out if yours is one of the models which have been recalled.    You need someone who can discuss your options with you and who will fight for your rights.   You owe it to yourself to visit my website at before it is too late.   You can fill out an online consultation form or engage in an online chat. 

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