How to Find a Dog Bite Attorney

how to find a dog bite attorneyDog bites are a very real and very scary threat in our everyday lives. Simple tasks like grocery shopping, taking the kids to school, or even walking a dog of our own can turn into a serious incident. Dog bites, even from smaller dogs, can be painful and damaging resulting in medical bills and possibly even lost time from work.   If you are worried about a dog bite incident or have experienced one already, this post is for you. Our sole job At The Hayes Firm is to listen to injury incidences and connect people with the appropriate attorney in their area. We’ve helped dozens (maybe even hundreds) of dog bite victims and we believe we can help you to.  

The First Steps to Finding A Dog Bite Attorney

Before you do anything you’ll need to make sure you have proper records of the incident on-hand. This might not occur to you at the time of the bite, but knowing as much as you can about the dog, the owners, the environment, and the events leading up to the bite can greatly enhance your chance of having a proper case.   After acquiring as much data as you can be sure to take pictures. If possible, snag a picture of the dog and owners. Mobile smart phones like the Iphone make this an easy task. Also, after cleaning your wound and addressing it medically have a picture taken before it is dressed. You’ll want an image with the full extent of the injury before significant healing takes place.  

Mind the Statute of Limitations

When experiencing a dog bite some people become fixated on healing and ignore their legal rights. It is only months or even years after that they begin to consider the idea of pursuing monetary compensation for their pain and suffering. Don’t fall into that trap. A dog bite that happened years ago is likely beyond your state’s statute of limitations whether or not you continue to suffer as a result of the incident.   The quicker you act on a dog bite the better. A good lawyer will talk with you for free and inform you about the likelihood of success in a legal battle. Don’t think that just because you don’t have a lot of money that you can’t afford to speak to a lawyer. The good ones won’t try to bleed you of money through consultation fees.  

When You Might NOT Have a Case

Not every dog bite immediately qualifies for monetary compensation. If you were trespassing on another person’s property or running from police, you may have gotten bitten in a completely legal circumstance. Here are some scenarios in which you would not have a strong case:  

* Injury occurred while the victim was a trespasser on public or private property * Injury occurred while the victim was on the dog owner’s property and the property was clearly and conspicuously marked with one or more posted signs stating, “No trespassing,” or “Beware of Dog” * The dog was being used by a peace officer or military personnel for official duties * The victim knowingly provoked the dog * The victim was a veterinary health-care worker, dog groomer, humane agency staff person, professional dog handler, trainer, or dog show judge acting in the performance of his or her respective duties * The dog is working as a hunting, herding, farm, ranch, or predatory control dog while on the property or under the control of the dog’s owner

Reach Out and Find an Attorney

It’s common to be a little confused about your potential rights in a situation like this. Don’t worry – our job is to listen to your situation, assess your needs, and connect you with the proper attorney. We only work with high quality attorneys that refuse to swindle clients and put their best effort into the cases they accept.   Our service is free and we respond promptly, so reach out to us today.

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