Historic Oyster Shucking Company Shut Down by Oil Spill

As originally reported by The New York Times, the nation’s oldest oyster shucking company is in dire straights due to the recent BP oil spill.  

P&J Oyster Company located in New Orleans is a small family owned business of about 25 employees. They have been open for generations and rely on the delicate balance of the Gulf to provide them with their livelihoods. The growth period of the oysters (which is currently in a state of respawning), is being devasted by the oil spill.   “All the people I buy from are unable to work their grounds,” he said. “Unless they open some areas,  we’re done”, stated Al Sunseri, company owner.   The oysters that Sunseri has been able to obtain are undersized and 30% more expensive than his normal rates. For a company without gigantic margins like BP, that sort of change leads to devestation and eventual shut down.   According to New York Times: “As [Sunseri] got ready to hang up the phone and head into the shucking room as the last shucking day ended, he had no idea what he would tell the employees, which number about 25 including members of his family.” Sunseri’s business is one of many casualties to come. And with their folding comes a loss of not just product, but culture and lifestyle as well.   If you or a loved one have been effected like the Sunseris, do not hesitate to visit our website specifically designed to help people interested in Louisiana Oil Spill Lawsuits. The Hayes Firm has an exceptional network of highly skilled attorneys that are capable of handling companies like BP.

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