Finding Workmans Compensation Lawyers in Arkansas

Arkansas is a diverse state to work in. The top industries range from agricultural, to manufacturing, to services. As such, employees encounter a wide range of situations that might result in injury. This page is here to help you learn more about common occupational injuries and what you can do to pursue your legal rights when hurt on the job.

Top Arkansas Employers

First, let’s take a quick look at some of the top employers in Arkansas. This will help you get a sense of the statistical likelihood of injury (and you may even work at one of these specific locations):

Walmartarkansas workmans comp

Tyson Foods

J.B. Hunt Transport Services

Baptist Health, Inc.

Alltel Corp.

Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.

Whirlpool Corp.

Beverly Enterprises

Arkansas Children’s Hospital

  Some of these facilities you may be familiar with, others perhaps not. The overall impression is that of service with a wide range of physical demands. Source: JobBankUSA Arkansas.

What Kind of Jobs are Eligible for Worker’s Compensation?

Many people think only high impact jobs like construction and manufacturing are eligible for workman’s comp, but the truth is injury can occur in a variety of workplaces. Even white collar employees can become injured when lifting boxes or slipping down stairs.   Employers are required to address the matter of injury on the job, and some opt to create specific compensation plans built into their employment package. Others opt to rely on the court system to settle all matters.

I Was Hurt, Can I Sue?

When you’re injured there are a lot of matters to contend with. You have to focus on healing, filling out paperwork, paying bills, and making sure your family is able to continue with their day-to-day lives. It can be tough determining whether or not suing is right for you.   A very common mistake is waiting too long to pursue legal action. Many individuals will focus on healing and not attempt to take any legal action until years after the incident. In many instances those individuals are passed the “statute of limitations”, which protects companies from frivolous lawsuits many years after an incident has occurred.   If you’ve been injured, it is critical that you gather as much information as possible and reach out to an attorney promptly.

I Believe I Have a Case, How Do I Find A Lawyer?

Finding a good lawyer is a daunting task. The internet and phone book is filled with legal ads, but it’s impossible to know which attorneys are high quality and which simply have a lot of marketing budget.   Our job is to assess your particular injury situation and connect you to the best attorney possible. Our free lawyer consultation service focuses specifically on connecting injured parties to lawyers in their area. It is our field of expertise, and is offered as a free service.

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