Fatal Motorcycle Accident Heightens Concerns About Intersection

Posted May 18, 2011 By Brandon Herring, WMBF News Reporter NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A traffic accident that killed a man on a motorcycle has some people who live nearby concerned about the intersection where it happened. According to North Myrtle Beach Police, the accident happened at around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at the intersection of Sea Mountain Highway and Hill Street when Larry Hardee, 62, of North Myrtle Beach turned his pick-up truck in front of Rocky Laine Huneycutt, 49, of Albemarle, NC, who was riding a motorcycle. Huneycutt died from his injuries. “I saw all the parts in the road and the boot down the highway,” said Gerri McDaniel who lives just down the road from the intersection. Tom Safrit also passed by just moments after the accident happened. “The fella on the motorcycle was laying in the road and paramedics were all around him,” Safrit said. “The truck was basically totaled. The bike had actually crushed the front end. It hit right over the tire.” The accident is something Safrit has feared would happen. He is now even more worried for the safety of people who pass through the intersection, whether they’re walking, biking or riding a golf cart. “I’m really surprised there aren’t more the way people fly up and down Sea Mountain Highway,” he said. McDaniel said she and her neighbors always pass through the intersection on their golf carts on the way to the beach because it is the only intersection in their area with a traffic light. That made them feel safer, but they are still not sure it is safe enough. “We’ve tried to cross here many times and had to stop to not get hit ourselves,” McDaniel said. She and Safrit said they would like to see more efforts to reduce speeding along Sea Mountain Highway. They think a crosswalk would help too. “I think it’s an area we definitely need to be looking more into,” McDaniel said. “We were here yesterday and some other local residents came up with their golf carts, and they said they’re scared. They’re scared to go across here now. McDaniel said she is thinking about approaching city council to see if anything can be done about her concerns. Copyright 2011 WMBF News. All rights reserved.

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