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Dangers of Commercial Truck Accidents

The effects of collisions involving commercial CDL trucks and passenger vehicles can be devastating and are becoming much too common. Approximately 95,000 people were injured and 3,964 were killed in truck-related crashes in the year 2013 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety estimates that that number has since gone up to more than 100,000 injured and 4,000 killed each year. Serious injuries often result simply because of the enormous size of commercial trucks in comparison to the passenger vehicles.


cdc truck accidents


Laws regarding the size of CDL trucks may soon change to allow for even bigger vehicles on the road. Congress is now considering a bill that would allow double and triple trailer trucks to be up to 97,000 pounds, 120 feet long, and 12 stories tall on American highways. On top of that, truck drivers may be allowed to work for longer hours without breaks, promoting fatigue and the chance of mistakes. These new regulations, if passed, would make commercial trucks and even bigger threat to highway safety.



The new laws are being pushed by the big truck companies such as FedEx, UPS, and Conway Freight. These companies blame an increase in online shopping and an inadequate amount of drivers for the potential change. The Department of Transportation is among the organizations against the new regulations. Concerns about the bill are mainly about safety: Worries that the amount of serious and fatal collisions between trucks and passengers care would increase.



Congress is expected to make a decision on the proposed regulations by the end of 2015. The Department of Transportation is pushing for further research to study the effects of the laws before any decision is made. Currently this organization is looking at the impact that the size and weight of CDL trucks has on the amount of accidents and deaths involving passenger vehicles.



Victims of these types of collisions should not delay in consulting with a personal injury lawyer in order to file a claim. A skilled attorney will develop a strategy to win victim’s compensation for their injuries and understand how to handle tactics used by trucking companies. The key is to not become discouraged by big trucking companies that may attempt to scare victims out of filing claims.



Legal Strategies of Trucking Companies



If you have become the victim of a CDL and passenger vehicle collision, be aware that the trucking company may use some of the following tactics when you file your personal injury case:



* Hire a team of expensive lawyers in order to intimidate you make you feels as if you cannot win

* Tamper with evidence in their favor by hiding records or producing fake documents

* Attempting to talk you into a fast settlement for convenience and paying you less money than you need for medical bills and suffering

* On the other hand, some companies may opt for an extended settlement in hopes that you will become troubled by the inconvenience and drop the case

* Accuse you of negligence to question the validity of the personal injury case, especially if you do not have quality legal representation



Sadly, many trucking companies will use unethical strategies such as these in attempts to pay victims less money than they deserve. These companies are only looking out for their finances and bottom line and not your health. They will try to control the process and intimidate you with large teams of skilled attorneys and claim settlement officers.



New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer



Victims of often devastating trucking collisions need someone that will stand up for their rights. An experienced personal injury lawyer will defend you and fight for the monetary expenses it takes to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, long-term care, pain and suffering. Choose a knowledgeable and successful attorney and send a message to trucking companies that you will not be intimidated.



If you are in need of a skilled New Jersey personal injury lawyer, The Hayes Firm can connect you with one today. We have a network of hand-picked attorneys that are devoted to fighting for the rights of injury victims. Send us an email or call us today to be put in touch with a reputable, local lawyer completely for free. We will review your situation and match you with a successful lawyer as soon as possible if your case warrants further legal action.

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