Boat accident injures woman at Disney

By Steve Wisner,   ferry Walt Disney World’s transportation department continued its string of bad luck on Thursday when a recreational boat collided with a Disney ferry boat just before 5 p.m.   The accident resulted in Barbara Wormald, 61, being taken to the Orlando Regional Medical Center where she is being treated with a collapsed lung, fractured ribs, and back pain. Meanwhile, her husband, Michael, may be charged in the incident.    It is policy for small recreational boats to give way to the larger boats on Disney’s waterways. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office, however, continues to investigate the incident.    According to reports, Michael Wormald thought the ferry was driving away from them, but discovered too late that he was mistaken. When he realized his mistake, Wormald apparently made a sharp turn which caused part of his vehicle to be temporarily submerged under the ferry boat.   The ferry captain, William Green, claims that once the rental boat collided with the ferry on the front port side, he immediate put the ferry in reverse. The were six passengers aboard the ferry at the time of the incident and none of them were injured.

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