Baby, Grandma, Aunt Injured on Storybook Land Derailment

Monday, May 9, 2011 | Updated 8:59 PM EDT By Teresa Masterson A trip to the amusement park on Mother’s Day resulted in a trip to the hospital for one N.J. family A 19-month-old boy, his grandmother and his aunt were injured after a ride derailed at a southern New Jersey amusement park Sunday afternoon. Police say the front cart of the Big Truck Ride left the track at Storybook Land in Egg Harbor Township at about 12:13 p.m. on Mother’s Day. Police say the cart landed on its right side and three people fell about two and a half feet. Mary Lorito, 56, of Vineland, 26-year-old Renee Lorito of Vineland and a 19-month-old Max Young from Pine Hill were taken to Shore Memorial Hospital. Max now has a splint on one of his legs, his father told NBC Philadelphia. Max’s father, David Young, was at the amusement park when it happened but he said that his wife watched the whole thing. “She said it was like a movie,” David young told NBC Philadelphia. “…Panic rushed over and she just couldn’t believe that was actually happening.” A state inspector checked out the ride Monday morning, but officials can’t say what caused the accident yet or how long the ride will be closed.

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