Arkansas Driver Hits Group of Cyclists, Injures 7

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Cycling near or on roads is an inherently risky endeavor. To alleviate some of the risk riders often choose to cycle in packs, believing that the increased visibility will greatly reduce the odds of drivers overlooking them on the side of the road. Normally this is a sound tactic, but sometimes it simply doesn’t work.   The Huffington Post recently reported on a young man who crashed into multiple cyclists, injuring 7 in the process. As of now there is no hard evidence on why the crash happened or if the driver was in a particularly altered state of mind:  

“Prosecutors are considering filing charges against a 21-year-old driver who struck and injured a group of bicyclists traveling through Arkansas on a cross-country trip.

Prosecutor John Bell said Wednesday that authorities are investigating why the driver crashed into a group of 13 cyclists on Tuesday afternoon near McCrory, Ark., about 90 miles northeast of Little Rock.

Bell says there wasn’t any evidence that the driver had been drinking alcohol.

The crash injured seven of the 13 cyclists traveling from Charleston, S.C., to Santa Monica, Calif., as part of a six-week trip organized by a Williamstown, Mass.-based company called Overland.” – Huffington Post

  A bike accident, when in groups, is particularly dangerous since the effect of one biker being struck can cascade into others. A chain effect of injury and property damage can result even from a small accident, let alone a serious one such as this.   It is unclear at this time whether or not the cyclists have some fault in this situation. Investigators are sure to inquire as to whether or not the cyclists were obeying proper rules of the road.  Since the driver was not intoxicated, his speed will become a factor as will any potential driving law infractions.   For cyclists this is a harsh reminder to remain aware of your surroundings even when in the safety of a pack.

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