Allergic Reaction to Affymax Omontys Anti Anemia Drug

affymax omontysUnfortunate news for anemia patients has recently come to light. The drug Omontys, developed distributed by the company Affymax, suffered a voluntary recall due to increased cases of allergic reaction to the drug. Administered to individuals with chronic kidney disease and on dialysis, those who suffered a reaction required serious medical intervention within a short time span. A handful of fatalities have been reported as a direct connection to the administering of Omontys.   As reported by  

“Fatal reactions have occurred in approximately 0.02% of 25,000 patients and the reaction has occurred within 20 minutes of administration of the injection. More than 25,000 patients have received Omontys since its release.  The FDA said it had received 19 reports of anaphylaxis from dialysis centers in the United States.”  

While a number like 0.02% might not seem large, it is significantly higher than incidences linked to Omontys’s primary competitor, Epogen. Epogen, developed by Amgen, is the industry standard for anemia care and has been on the market for years. Omontys looked to cut into that market and was gaining steady growth until the revelation of these serious allergic risks.  

Omontys Recall Details

  The recall for Omontys was voluntary, meaning it was not forced by an agency like the FDA and instead came from the responsible parent company. In this case, Affymax was operating under the umbrella of a Japanese company known as Takeda Pharmaceuticals. According to Takeda representatives:”  

“Our company is working with the FDA and Affymax and decided to voluntarily recall Omontys to put patients’ safety first. We will swiftly provide information to patients and health-care professionals.” – Kazumi Kobayashi  

The recall has had serious business implications for Affymax, causing significant decline in company stock value. Their longterm company survival is currently at risk.  

Legal Details For Injured Parties

  If you’ve been injured by Omontys, or someone you know has been injured or even killed, it’s critical that you know your legal rights. Navigating the medical world can be extremely frustrating and scary, leaving you waist deep in red tape and paperwork. Sometimes victims feel that their is no options for them against giant corporations with the weight of money on their side.   Our job is to help you get to the next step. We have spent decades developing a comprehensive network of highly skilled attorneys all over the United States. Our network is not based on who pays us the most or has the most influence, but who has proven themselves effective and ethical in a court of law.   Tell us the details of your circumstances, describe how Affymax has effected your life and the lives of your loved ones. We will then assess your case free of charge and get you connected to the proper attorney in your area.   Reach out to us today for a free consultation. Utilize our online contact form or call at 1-800-603-6833.

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