Adidas SpringBlade: Class Action Lawsuit

AdidasSpringBladeLawsuitAdidas America, Inc. is currently facing a class action lawsuit because of an allegedly defective running shoe. The lawsuit has been filed in New York federal court and claims that the first edition of the Adidas SpringBlade running shoes have soles that are prone to falling apart and may injury consumers. Adidas is being accused of breach of express warranty, breach of implied warranty, and violation of multiple consumer protection acts according to the lawsuit.   This unique sole of the SpringBlade sneaker is designed to boost the consumer with “explosive” energy during use for running. It contains 16 angled polymer blades for use on any type of terrain; Most other running shoes use an EVA midsole with vertical support. The sneakers retail at an average cost of $200 per pair.   While the sneaker was designed with this unique sole to be revolutionary, the lawsuit claims that it is not practical and also makes it prone to damage. The shoe’s sole flexes in several directions in a cycle of pressure while being used for running. The plaintiff states that this causes the joints of the blades to come apart with only limited use due to too much stress. Several pairs of shoes were purchased and fell apart after being used on a treadmill.   The Adidas SpringBlade has since been redesigned and marketed as the SpringBlade Ignite for a reduced cost. The plaintiff claims that this redesign was a result of complaints from consumers and invites them to join the class action lawsuit.  

New Jersey Product Liability Lawyers

  Runners rely on their sneaks to offer them support and safety; Any shoes that are defective and fall apart while being used may pose a risk of serious injury. If you have been injured while using the Adidas SpringBlade or any other defective product, you may be eligible for financial compensation through a class action lawsuit. It is recommended you consult with a skilled lawyer to discuss your options.   The Hayes Firm can connect you with an experienced personal injury attorney today, completely for free. Simply contact us with the details of your situation and we will review your case as soon as possible. We can answer any questions you many have and match you with a local lawyer that has been successful in handling cases similar to yours. Please call or send us an email to figure out your next steps with a free consultation.

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