4 Tips for Winning a Workers’ Compensation Case

lower back pain Workers compensation claims are not enjoyable. First and foremost, you are injured and need to deal with concerns of your own personal health. On top of that, you are probably worried if you will receive enough compensation to provide for your family while you are out of work. If that wasn’t enough, insurance companies can pit you against your employer and even look for ways to discredit you. Here are a few tips for getting the money you may be entitled to (based on validity of case).  

1. Start Immediately and keep detailed records

  Time is imperative when filing a workers’ compensation claim because of statutes of limitations and notice of injury laws. Contact a reputable lawyer as soon as all urgent injuries have been taken care of. Share medical records and details of the incident with your lawyer. Be sure to record the date, time, place, witnesses, and other important details surrounding the incident. Gather as much information and records as you can because these will help your lawyer.  

2. Give notice of injury to your employer

  Most likely, you will have given notice of injury to your employer the same day the incident occurred. Maybe you reported it to your supervisor or filled out an incident report at work. Be sure to keep records of any communication regarding the incident to share with your lawyer. Your lawyer will evaluate your specific situation and the laws in your state to advise the next steps.  

3. See your doctor

  Although this may an obvious tip, you may not realize how much it can affect your claim. Your doctor could be the main witness attesting to the severity of your injuries. If you wait too long to see a doctor, it may provide an easy way for insurance companies to discredit your claim.  

4. Understand this is a complicated process

  Many people assume they are automatically entitled to compensation when they are injured at work. However, this is not always the case.  Insurance companies are strategic and will do whatever they can to give you the least compensation possible.You will need someone knowledgeable and skilled to go head to head with the insurance company. Hiring a successful lawyer who has plenty of experience dealing with insurance companies is the best thing you can do.   This is only general information on workers’ compensation that can be applied in most states. It is important to remember that every state holds different laws and every case is different. Always consult with a local attorney for advice on a specific incident.   The Hayes Firm can get you in touch with a local lawyer today. We will find you the best workers’ comp attorney in your area, completely free of charge. Simply describe your situation using the online form to the right of this screen or by calling 1-800-603-6833 and we will review your case as soon as possible.

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