drowsy driving truck driver
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The Plight of Truck Drivers and Drowsy Driving

With the increase in online shopping and consumerism, the truck driving industry has grown in step. Over the last decade, the industry increased 5% and anticipates the trend to continue during this current decade to meet the demand. Companies…
man on construction site with potential workers comp case
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Workers’ Comp 101

Talk to any Human Resources personnel, and the first thing they will tell you is if you become injured at work, report it immediately. Although a few specific situations will not be covered, most generally, you are. This is regardless if the…
baby on changing table ready for a diaper change and powder

Johnson and Johnson’s case of asbestos exposure

Johnson & Johnson is in the spotlight for its talc powder and a potential link to an increased risk of cancer. According to an NPR article, the company claims its products have always been asbestos-free and safe for use. Around 14,000 cases…
Jul sign blowing neon with a warning about nicotine above it
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Juul, vaping, and injury. What you need to know.

Nearly every American knows what a juul is and how discreet it can be. Juul, a spin-off from the vaporizer maker Pax Labs, is partly owned by Altria, a tobacco company with at 35% share of Juul Labs. While there are other types of e-cigarettes,…
dog biting hand of man
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Dog Bites – what you need to know

Adopting a dog is a natural part of the American lifestyle. Unfortunately, pets also bring accidents. Ordinarily, people don’t buy a dog and presume it will bite another person. When it does, you need to know your next steps. Dog bite statistics Before…
abstract drawing of a prisoner looking out a cell
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Abuse of Women in Prison

The following “prison story” is based on numerous female inmates who bravely told their accounts of the abuse they faced at the hands of prison staff. The details of our story are balanced against staggering statistics haunting the unfortunate…
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Filing a Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

It's a scary thing to think that your loved one has been physically, emotionally, or financially abused in a nursing home. But, nursing home abuse is not always the result of physical, emotional, or financial abuse or any intentional wrongdoing. Nursing…
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What You Need To Know About Product Liability Cases

Thousands of Americans are injured each year by defective products in their own homes. These victims have trusted product that should have made their lives easier, safer, and healthier but are often left with large medical bills and nowhere…
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Levaquin Can Cause Nerve Damage And Other Serious Complications

The antibiotic drug Levaquin has been linked to Peripheral Neuropathy and other serious side effects. If you or a loved one was prescribed Levaquin and developed nerve damage or experienced other serious side effects, you may be entitled to…
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What To Do If You Were Injured By Defective Medical Device

Science and medical technology have produced some incredible medical devices that are saving and improving the lives of countless Americans. From simple tubing to complex implants, these devices are manufactured and sold as safe and effective…